New Latin lyrics by singer Paul Knight
for verse two of Schubert’s “Ave Maria”

Paul Knight has composed new lyrics in Latin for the second verse of Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria.” On July 26, 2013, he presented them in their first formal public performance at Lang Recital Hall in Manhattan. Richard Nechamkin of the New York Opera Forum accompanied Mr. Knight on the piano.

Knight composed the lyrics to broaden the appeal of this beautiful song — one of the most loved, recognized, and widely performed songs ever — to new audiences inside and outside the Christian faith who are unaccustomed to hearing it performed in worship and ceremonial settings.

An informative article about this song, its lyrics, and its history can be found at Wikipedia.

Latin Text, second verse:

Ave, O Jesu!
Dei fili, ave.
O Jesu, fili Dei,
Sanctissima Dei
Et Salvator beatissime, beatissime,
Occisus es pro peccatoribus, pro peccatoribus.
Dignissimum laude,
Te laudamus.
Ave, O Jesu!

English Translation:

Hail, oh Jesus!
God's son, hail.
O Jesus, son of God,
Most holy God
And most blessed savior,
You were slain for sinners.
Most worthy of praise,
We praise you.
Hail, oh Jesus!

copyright 2013 Paul Knight


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